In there a French MLS real estate system?

In France there is currently no MLS or multiple listing service that contains all the property that are for sale with French real estate agencies.

Many people have tried to create a MLS system here in France but for one reason or another a complete MLS system has not be created.

In addition, most MLS systems in countries like Canada and USA contain properties only for sale with one agency called an Exclusive Listing. In France, at this time less than five percent of property listings are only with one agency. Most properties are for sale with multiple agencies and are therefore not true Exclusive listings.

Worth noting: There are some services that are best described as a mini-MLS services – meaning they are a group of agencies who post their individual Exclusive listings of French real estate properties on one site but these sites do not give you a complete view of the market place. This is because there are only a selection of properties.

Foreign buyers sometimes think they are complete systems due to the association of the name MLS with a complete view of properties in their home country. But unfortunately at this time they are not complete.

In addition, as a member of the public you do not typically have direct access to these mini-MLS systems you have to deal with an agent who is part of the group to get access.

Overall, there are many sites you will need to visit if you are working without an agent and you may find the same property for sale with different agents and even the owner at different prices so you will need to take your time and study a lot of information and call a lot of agencies in your area of choice.

Solution: The best way to find a property at this time perhaps is for you to connect with a real estate agent who has a really strong network with other agencies in the area you wish to buy. We are connected to agents who are connected to other agencies. If you would like to speak to an English speaking French real estate agent in your area of choice please contact us today. We can assist you in finding one Free of charge. Contact us here. 

Meanwhile perhaps by the time you read this article there will be a fully integrated MLS system in France. Consult with an English speaking French real estate agent today to see if one is now available. If you are seeking an English speaking French real estate agent we can help you locate one Free of Charge just contact us here.

Date of Article August 2013