In French Real Estate, what does the organization SAFER mean or do in France?

In French real estate the acronym SAFER is for Les Sociétés d’Aménagement Foncier et d’Etablissement Rural. SAFER is an organization created in France by the Farm Bill of 1960.

When you are going to buy or sell agricultural land in France it is most likely that the sale will be reviewed by SAFER as they have the right of first refusal on the sale. The reason they have this right is intended to protect the economic and environmental value of agricultural land in France.

If you have more questions and you read French you can visit the site on SAFER

If you do not read French, it is recommended you speak to an English speaking French notary to find out if your purchase or sale of land in France will be impacted by SAFER. If you need assistance finding an English speaking French notary contact us.