In France is the attestation of ownership the same as the title?

After you sign the final deed for your purchase of your French property you typically get your keys and a copy of the attestation of ownership but the attestation of ownership is not the same as the title of the property.

The attestation of ownership will allow you to subscribe to local utilities like electricity and telephone as it is a certificate of ownership but the attestation is simply a provisional notice. After you have signed the deed the notary still has to complete a number of formalities in terms of administration of important legal documents. Then once these formalities are completed the notary will receive a copy of the title.

We understand that typically the title (once received by the notary) will remain at the office of your notary for safety and security of your proof of ownership.

Make sure that you speak to your French Notary to confirm the above details so you are up to date on the French legal property rules and regulations. As you know everything can change.

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Date of Posting September 2013