How to Set up or Connect a Phone in your French Property

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At the time of writing (Aug 2013) To set up a phone in your newly purchased French property you will need the answers to the following questions:


Is there currently a fixed phone line in the house or apartment?


If there is, ask the former owner or tenant for the exact phone number and note the owner or tenant’s name. Then you can contact the French phone company of your choice so they can start the activation of the line for you.


You will want to confirm with the phone company if there is a high speed broadband ADSL or fibre optic line connected to your residence or if it is possible for you to use it.

One way to see if you can have high speed access is to consult this site 


Apparently if there is no phone in your French residence you can see if you can qualify to have a connection made by obtaining the fixed line phone numbers of two of your neighbors, one close and one far away from the local phone exchange. Contact the phone company of your choice with these two numbers and see if they can assist you.


Of course, if you cannot get a fixed line you will have to go the mobile phone route which is surprisingly not so expensive in France.

NOTE: At this time if you can get a fixed phone line the phone company can then attach an internet connection and you will then have access to a VOIP line which will make many international calls very inexpensive.

If you are looking for pricing on mobile phones you can check here – best make sure you get an ‘unlocked’ version so you can use any French mobile phone service. You can even use an Unlocked iPhone with pay as you go credit in France.