How to Rent French Property You Must Know these Tips

If you are considering renting French real estate which can be a very good way to learn about a French town before you buy there consider the following guidance:


Location of the French property

Make sure you select your location carefully. Speak with neighbors to make sure there are no nuisances in the area you don’t know about (hidden but loud train tracks etc) and make sure the location offers the services you need including access to transport and businesses. For example, verify the bus you need does stop by your home.


Inclusions in the French property

Make sure all the details of the apartment are in working order and fulfill your needs. Are their items you need to buy? What will be the cost?


Price of the French Rental

Make sure the price of the rent is affordable base on your current and future budget. Be careful you don’t go beyond your means.


French Renting Contract

Make sure you understand the contract and get professional advice to make sure there are no illegal clauses in the contract.


Payment of Rent

Do not pay any money to the owner until the rental contract is agreed to and signed


Condition of the French Property

Make sure you have a list made that shows the condition of the property before you move in. Even little details need to be noted on a special document because when you move out you do not want to be responsible for damage you did not make.

There are more important items to consider so make sure you take the time to work with an English speaking French real estate agent when you are renting a property. If you are renting directly from the owner and the contract is in French make sure you understand it by getting professional advice. Contact an English speaking French real estate agent.