How to reduce your French real estate electricity costs

esrea france

When you live in France you will find out that the cost of electricity is affordable but not inexpensive.

Today I studied an energy consumption video and I learned that the following seven items when switched to a lower electricity consuming version can make a significant difference on your electricity bill. Are these items in your French home energy efficient?

Purchase a lower energy consumption Fridge / Freezer

Purchase a lower energy consumption Stove

Purchase lower energy consumption light bulbs for places where they are in regular usage

Purchase a more energy efficient water heater

Purchase an energy efficient LG OLED TV

Purchase an energy efficient swimming pool pump

Purchase an energy efficient water heater to be eventually replaced by solar powered water heater.

Next weekend I will personally attend a workshop on how to use solar energy to heat water in our home. This will be interesting. If I learn some simple tips I will be sure to share.