How to Reduce Energy Costs in France in French Real Estate

When you live in France just like in many countries the cost of energy we use to maintain our French properties can be high and the more energy our homes consumes the greater our ecological footprint.

If you have a French property the following tips can help you reduce your financial costs and reduce the impact your home has on the planet. This is a win-win situation.

Tip One
Your Energy Provider
Make a quick call to your local energy provider to find out if they have a ‘green’ energy programs and how you can become part of the program.

You may consider installing solar panels or simply applying suggested guidelines offered by your provider. If you do not speak French contact us and we can help you connect with an English speaking Energy consultant.

SECRET: Not everyone knows that in some areas there are special times of day when energy is less expensive and you will do well to confirm these times with your energy provider and plan to wash clothes etc during these times.

Tip Two
Your Appliances
Modern electrical appliances, for example, fridges are much more energy efficient that older appliances.

Look online and in stores to find out the energy efficiency of appliances. Then compare the energy costs you can obtain by replacing your old fridge or stove with the cost of a new appliance. Maybe it is time to replace and save?

REMINDER: Make sure you compare prices for items like this Bosch Dishwasher online and offline and remember to include the cost of delivery in your analysis.

Tip Three
Your water consumption
In France unlike some other countries you pay for the water you use. So if you can be more water efficient for sure you will save money and have a lower impact on the planet.

Inquire about installing in your French property a dual flush toilet like this used in Americaor this very nice one used in England

Then remind everyone taking showers or baths not to day dream too much with the water running and fix any water leaks inside and outside your property.

If you live in an apartment building encourage your neighbors to request the installation of individual water meters so everyone pays their fair share.

SECRET: Sometimes you can in fact hand wash dishes using less water than a dishwasher but make sure this is true, many times hand washing dishes can use more water compared to modern appliances like this Bosch dishwasher from the UK or Siemens dishwasher used in France

Tip Four
Electricity in France is expensive and we understand it is just about to go up in price again. If you want to save money do not just turn off the appliance you need to unplug it since plugged in appliances still use energy and it all adds up.

Also choose to use energy efficient light bulbs and use natural light as much as possible to brighten your home. This is why so many of our clients look for south exposed living area in their homes.

BONUS: If you have the ability to create energy through the installation of solar panels long term this could be a money creating adventure. From time to time there are government plans that help reduce the cost of solar panel installations check with your local city hall.

Tip Five
Be a detective
Check the following list of items in your French property to see if they could be a source of energy inefficiency particularly during the winter:

Check for air leaks in:
Glass Doors

Check for electrical efficiency in:
Air heating systems, water heating systems, electrical shutters

Check for efficiency in:
Wall insulation and roof insulation.

Check for problems in:
Mobile Air Conditioning

We hope this is a good starting point for you and if you wish to continue learning we recommend you contact an energy efficiency consultant. I

f you would like to connect with an English speaking French real estate agent to learn which changes really help increase the market value of your property please contact us for assistance.