How to Negotiate in a French Real Estate Purchase

When you are buying a French property you will always want to get the price down as much as possible but negotiation is a learned skill. If you are curious here are tips from an English speaking French real estate agent with over ten years of experience.

Evaluate the Price
Experienced French property buyers who focus on a particular area will be able to tell right away if a property is negotiable. They will see the signs that a property is overpriced, they will have studied the amount of time the property is on the market, they will see the property has current features that are undesirable but can be changed for the better. Then after they evaluate they know if it is the right property to negotiate a deal on.

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller if the price is negotiable sometimes they will tell you right away what is the lowest sale price on their French property.

The Price
Before you enter into a negotiation it is important to know the price you wish to pay, the maximum price you can afford and the price that is too much to pay. Don’t’ just hope to get a reduced price compared to the sale price. Then once you have a goal in mind you can see if during the process you can reach your goal.

Be Clear
Be clear in your mind how much you can actually afford to pay for the French property. Make sure your bank is willing to support what is your maximum price to pay. so that you can afford to buy the property once you make your deal.

Be Prepared

If you tell the owner the neighbour’s property that is identical sold for twenty thousand euros less than what your ‘dream’ property is for sale at make sure you can prove this in writing, if possible. If you just say it verbally the owner will not believe you.

Negotiating is a learned skill. If you prefer to have a professional bilingual English and French speaking real estate agent work on your behalf please Contact us here. We can help you locate one in your area of choice at no charge.