How to Improve Sleep in your French home

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How to Improve your sleep in your French home can be done if you follow the below steps. Even one of the steps below can enhance your sleep.

Sleep in the complete dark
This will enable you to deep sleeper since light turns down melatonin levels that you need to be high to have a nourishing restful sleep. Make sure you close those French shutters.

Avoid the Screens

In the bedroom you should have no screens big or small as the blue emitted by phones and TVs reduce your melatonin levels. Even before you get to bed the last hour of screen time can have a less negative impact on you if you use this free app. 

Clear the Mess

A tidy room is more relaxing and helps you settle down to sleep easier. Pack away your clothes and if you have cupboards make sure you close them or put curtains over them so you cannot see clutter when you are going to sleep. A big old classic French closet can do the job.

Clean the Air

Make sure your French bedroom is aired out each day but not by fumes from traffic. You can also buy special plants that enhance the production of oxygen during the night.

Reduce Sound

Your brain still processes sound that does not wake you up and therefore, sound keeps you from having a deep sleep. Reduce the impact of sound on your sleeping environment and be better rested. Even if the French village you live in is alive you still need quiet to sleep.


Take time before your sleep to relax your mind with some reading on a happy, inspiring subject.

Time in Silence

Before you go to bed surround yourself in silence and a going to bed routine that helps you sleep. Perhaps, a soak in your French bathtub.