How to Get Quick Responses to Emails


How to Get Quick Responses to Emails especially at Busy Times

The average person is receiving approximately one hundred emails per day and this amount is not decreasing. Maybe you are not receiving as many, however, I am confident that when you send an email you want a response as quick as possible.

Here are seven tips to help you get a quicker response to your emails:

Ask for a direct response in the subject line
Write a short message in the subject line like “Can you confirm meeting for XYZ at 14h00 Friday? EOM” EOM at the end of the subject line means ‘End of Mail’ so the receiver knows that is your complete question. If they can respond quickly mostly they will.

Be concise
The shorter an email is the quicker it will be read and responded to.

Avoid String Confusion
When you respond back and forth with a person and simply click reply without changing the subject line the receiver is obliged to open the email and read it to find the response. Help out the receiver by updating the reply by saying for example: “Meeting confirmed at XYZ 14h00 Friday EOM.” If you can make life easier for other people they will hopefully do the same for you.

Get Personal
Avoid sending an email without a greeting. Include the person’s name in the subject line and yours as well, if necessary. This helps remind the receiver they most likely know you and therefore they will be more likely to respond. If you avoid the greeting your message could be ignored as spam.

Be Bold but not Colorful
You can highlight words in your message by using bold to catch the attention of the reader but avoid using color or it may be seen as spam by as internet service provider spam filtering system.

Send email early in the day not late a night
If you send your email early in the day it will be at the top of the pile when the inbox is opened. If you send it last thing in the evening it could be under all the emails that arrive in the receiver’s inbox over night and in the very early morning. Buried never to be seen for days.

Leave a message
You can bring attention to your email with a short text message to the receiver to ask them to check your message. “Joe, please can you reply to the email I just sent, thank you David Hennessey.” If it is a message that is very detailed and includes documents you may even wish to leave a phone message.

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