How to Buy the Right French Property for You Today 4 Important Guidelines

Buying a Property in France like in many countries can be stressful and even more stressful if you don’t speak the local language. So it is important you have clarity of mind in the steps you take to find the right French property for you.

Among the many tips we have on this site here is 4 ones to review

Never Be Rushed
When you find a French property advertised and you set a time to visit make sure you check out the neighbourhood. Are schools near by? Shops near by? Easy access to major roads? Is there a train near by?
When you visit the property take your time to check the condition of all the property inside and out and visit it several times to make sure all is acceptable. Ask an agent about important documents youa also need to review.

If a Renovation is Needed get Professional Advice
In general buyers tend to either over estimate or underestimate the cost of renovations. It is best to bring a long a professional contractor to help you get an idea of what the cost of the renovation will be even if you will do the work yourself. An estimate is better than an error.

Get Your Financing in Order
Before you start shopping make sure you have spoken to your bank and done a complete analysis of what you can afford to buy so you know what is financially possible and not stressful for you.

Look to the Future
When you buy a French property as your first or second residence you need to consider the future. Will you always have the job you need to pay for the property? Do you have children and will your housing needs change? Do you have work that will require you to move in the future?
You need to consider beyond the present moment to know if the purchase is right for you.

A professional English speaking French real estate agent will also offer you many more valuable guidelines on what you need to consider when buying a property in France. Invest some of your time wisely by contacting us to arrange a no charge phone consultation with an English speaking French real estate professional in your area of choice. Contact us here. You have everything to gain!