How to Buy Real Estate in France: The First Steps

ile st honorat fortress french riviera

If you intend to buy real estate in France be warned it is a complicated process and this process is made even more complicated if you don’t speak or read the French language.

Fortunately, if you are English speaking we are here to help you buy French real estate with as little stress as possible.

Pre-French Real Estate Shopping Steps

Now before you seek out your dream apartment or villa in France it is a smart idea to take a few very important steps:


Confirm Your Budget

Make sure you know how much you wish to buy that is affordable to you because your budget will often help decide the locations you can afford. You may be surprised how affordable places like Cannes in the South of France are so don’t give up before you start.


Confirm how you will finance the property: Cash or Credit

If you are able to buy with all cash you will avoid the challenges of obtaining finance to purchase a property in France.

It is not impossible to get financing since we have contacts who can assist you it is just more complicated.

If you live mostly year round outside of France get in contact with us and we will put you in contact with an English speaking financial expert who specializes in dealing with clients in your country of residence who wish to buy real estate in France.


Be aware of the Minimum Deposit

The deposit you will need to have available when you make an offer in France is typically 10 percent of the purchase price.


Consider Monthly and Annual Charges

What you spend each month on your French real estate can vary with the monthly charges and the annual fees related to having a property in France.

We can put you in contact with an English speaking agent in your area of choice so you can learn more about the types of charges you need to be aware of. The details are too much to put in this article.

Contact us to put you in touch with an English speaking agent in France.