How to Buy a French Property in Five Steps

If you are planning on buying a French property we can outline the steps very quickly.

Contact Your French Bank or French Mortgage Broker to pre approve you for your French Mortgage
If you are an international buyer we have experts who can help you with international finance.
Remember to do this Before you start looking for your French Property

Find your French property.
We know we are making it sound simple since the process can be complicated. Just make sure you get yourself in contact with local English speaking French real estate professional in your area of choice. We can help you find the right one for you.

Sign the purchase contract
Again we are making it sound simple but once you have found the right property with the help of an English speaking French notary and your English speaking French real estate agent you will have the compromise de vente created.

Apply for the French mortgage
Once you have your compromis de vente signed by all parties to the sale your French bank or French mortage broker can work on helping you get the financing request completed.

Complete the Sale
Once you have your financing in place and all other conditions of your purchase are fulfilled you can complete the sale with the aid of your French notary.

That’s the five step overview.
Would you like a no charge phone consultation with an English speaking French real estate professional to go deeper into explaining the process to you by phone?
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