How French Real Estate Agents can help you Part Two

english speaking French real estate agent

Here are five more benefits you can receive as a French property buyer or seller from working with a French real estate agent. 

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Seller Support
If you are selling on your own and a buyer or a buyer with their agent approaches you with an offer how do you know if it is fair to you since you have no professional representation?
When you work with an agent who you have hired to help you then you can ask him or her for professional advice and guidance.

Negotiating Skills
One of the most important skills of a real estate agent is their ability to work on your behalf in negotiating a favorable result for you. You can save thousands or lose thousands of euros (or valuable inclusions) depending on how a deal is negotiated and having a professional negotiator can be the key to success for a buyer and for a seller.

Professional Technology
Modern Professional French real estate agents use technology that helps you gain access to information and service that can help you as a buyer and seller. Be cautious of working with an agent who is not using modern technology that can enhance your ability to find the right property or sell your property.

When you work with a French real estate agent he or she helps you with the visits to your home or he or she goes with you on visits to properties. This professional assistance can give you an extra sense of safety and security. Otherwise you are going to a stranger’s home alone or you are letting strangers into your home.

Your French real estate agent will be able to offer you access to a network of individuals who can help you with solutions to financing, tax, renovation and many more challenges.

If you are planning on buying or selling French real state and you would like to interview an English speaking French real estate agent please contact us today for access to our network.