How French Real Estate Agents can help you Part One

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As a French property owner or buyer you may be wondering why should you work with an English speaking French real estate agent.

Here are 5 of 10 benefits you can obtain from the right professional agent, 5 more will arrive in our next article.

As a buyer, the access to properties on the market in France is complicated. If you only view properties that are for sale directly with an owner you will miss out on properties that are only for sale with agents. So at a minimum you need to be connected to an agent who is familiar with all properties for sale both with and without an agency. You are unlikely to get a home owner directing you to all comparable homes on the market with agents.
As a seller, if you only try to sell directly without an agent you miss out on all the buyers that are actively shopping only with agents. Plus you may miss out on all the buyers who do not speak French.

The real estate selling and buying process in France is complex like in many parts of the world. In addition the rules keep changing. Do you want to risk not knowing about a new law that can impact the sale or purchase of property in a negative way? You can be up to date and learn about what to expect as you move through the process by working with a professional French real estate agent.

With modern technology we can all place an advertisement online, however, professional real estate agents know what is effective at attracting buyers. As a starting point, compare the photos by a professional agent in an advertisement to a private owner’s advertisement and you should see a difference in focus.

Multiple Neighborhood Knowledge
As a seller you will know your own neighbourhood but buyer’s want to know how your area compares to other areas this is another time where an agent’s help is valuable.
As a buyer, you need to know the good and bad about every neighbourhood you visit and this is why the knowledge of an experienced professional is valuable.

Buyer Support
When you work with a French real estate agent to help you find a property you have a professional who is working to get you the best property at the best price. If you simply go to the owner or the owner’s agent you are meeting with someone who is not looking to get you the best price possible.

NEXT five in our next article

If you are planning on buying or selling French real state and you would like to interview an English speaking French real estate agent please contact us today for access to our network.