How do I send money to France and reduce the impact of currency changes?

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How do I sent money to France and reduce impact of currency changes?

When you are sending money to France whether it is to pay for the purchase of a French home, your mortgage payment or money to a loved one travelling in France you want to make sure you choose the best option to maximize the impact of your money.

Without doing research you could choose the wrong currency exchange provider and end up losing part of the value of your money due to charges that are effected during the transfer.

Country example:
If you are sending money between France and the UK you need to consider your options.
For example, if you already make regular transfers you could benefit from a fixed exchange rate. In the alternative, an one time transfer may be more suitable to match your needs.

Currency transfer specialists offer a large selection of services to give you flexibility around the time and rate at which you may wish to transfer. You may want to ask your currency exchange specialist about a ‘forward contract’. This could be useful for a one time transfer for the purchase of a home or even when sending money to a family member in France that you plan to do at a particular time of year like Christmas. Ask your currency exchange specialist for more details.

The key is to connect with a currency exchange specialist from at least two companies and get guidance relating to your needs.

You can contact us here if you would like guidance to an English speaking French currency exchange specialist.