How can I reduce the cost of French notary fees?

When you buy a French property a noticeable expense is the cost of the notary fees that includes the tax you pay to the French government on the purchase of the property.

There is a legal way you can reduce the notary fees on a French property purchase and it is as follows:

The French notary’s fees are calculated on the cost of the French property you are buying. They do not have to be paid on the services you used to find the French property.

So it is possible for you to exclude the cost of the real estate agency’s fees from the purchase price so that you pay a lower amount.

How it works is that you make sure it is noted in the purchase agreement that xyz was paid for the property and abc in addition was paid by you the buyer for the agency’s services.

For example, you paid 95 000 for the French property and 5 000 for the agency to assist you. If the pricing is separated by the French notary in the purchase contract you will only pay the notary fees on the 95 000 and not on the total sum of 100 000.

Note if you do this you will have to be able to pay separate the notary’s fees from cash you have on hand.

To find out how you can use this currently legal way to reduce the cost of your French notary fees contact an English speaking French notary or have us connect you with an English speaking French real estate agent. Contact us here.

There is a second way to reduce your French notary fees,also legal but more complicated, contact an English speaking French real estate agent to teach you how. Contact us to help you connect at no charge for the agent referral.