How can I borrow money to buy a vacation property in France?

Stone Tower on French Castle

If you don’t live in France and you wish to buy a second home or vacation property in France, a property that may in fact become a future primary residence there are a number of general options at this time:

You borrow money form the equity you have in your current home to pay the full price for the French property

You can borrow money against the value of the French property. In this case you most likely may still need a deposit for the property you are buying.

Note 1: If French interest rates are still low as you read this article this makes an interesting option as long as you are not highly impacted by currency changes between your home currency and the Euro used in France as you make your monthly payments. This is particularly interesting if the French banking rates are lower than in your home country.

Note 2: If you wish to find out a way to reduce the impact of currency exchange on your monthly payments please contact us to put you in touch with a currency exchange expert.

You borrow money from your first property in your home country and you also take a mortgage against the French property.

Before you go shopping for your French property make sure you are up to date with your options by consulting your local banker, an international banker or a French bank for details. If you are looking for an English speaking French banker or mortgage broker please contact us to assist you today.

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Date of Posting September 2013