Graph French Property Sales Estimate Update Alpes Maritimes Houses

News Update: French real estate market information on houses like apartments continues to be complicated to understand since the access to most sales data is not available in France at this time (November 2014).

Here is one graph of the French property sales estimates for houses in the Alpes Maritimes over the last two months we could get data access to.

Sales data houses france

The second graph below shows the difference between sales and listing prices for houses. The upper line in greenish yellow is original on market prices, dark line is sales prices. Approximately 10 percent difference down to 5 percent on higher priced properties.

french real estate pricing graph

We recommend you speak with a local agent in your area and ask them to search out data on properties like yours that have just sold. Sales values are typically localized. This task is no easy one but a well connected agent can help you.

We can help you contact an Bilingual English speaking French real estate agent in your area just contact us here.