French Vacation Property Rentals 9 Tips against Scams

French Property Rentals can be challenging if you are located overseas and you don’t know the person you are renting from. To avoid being scammed review the excellent list of tips below posted by Explorimmo.

When the price is too good to be true, maybe it is. Take a look at the details and be cautious. Keep in mind the following tips.

Verify the Owner
Many advertising websites are just portals of information and they do not verify the advertiser’s details to see if they are the owner. They also may not offer you a secure system for payment. Make sure in advance you get the phone number, address, email etc of the owner. You can verify the owners details in the French Registre du Tribunal de Commerce. If you are renting from an owner start by checking the phone book and a great tip is to mail a letter directly to the owners address and see what kind of response you get. Also consider using an established rental agency and look for letters of reference.

Check Online Forums
Search for details about the French property and French property owner and French rental agency in online Forums like Expat sites or a search engines and also check consumer associations.

Deposit amount
According to the French Hussiers of Justice if the deposit is more than 30 percent this often signals a scam

Payment Method
Make sure you use a method of payment that is secure and if the property is in France be careful if the owner is asking you to send money to a different country.

Request a written rental agreement
Under the laws in France the there must be a written rental agreement created in a duplicate format and signed by all parties. The agreement needs to include details of the French property, the rental dates, all details of costs etc.

Detailed Inventory
Like in a traditional rental you need to do a walk thru the property with the owner or rental agent and make a list of the condition of the property before and compare at the end of the rental. Make sure you check the reading of the meters for electricity, water etc.

Ask for a refund, as a renter you are typically protected by the French consumer code (code de la consummation) this applies to individuals and professionals. Perhaps, a simple discount is in order instead of a refund you decide.

Serious Problem
If the owner or rental agent does not agree to remedy the problem to your liking then you will need to seek legal advice. Make sure you keep all your documents and records that you will need to prove your case.


Don’t just rely on this site and this article get legal advise if before you rent a property in France.

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