French Taxe d Habitation Ending for Some French Real Estate Owners Renters

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The French residence tax called taxe d’habitation was promised to be eliminated by the new French president Emmanuel Macron and the government has just released the resource ceilings for the 80% of French property owners and renters. This starts in 2018 according to this article in Explorimmo (in French).

The Minister Gérald Darmanin presented the ceilings from which individuals are exempt from tax on housing. If the information is correct it is thus learned that any single person who has the taxable income of reference of less than 27 000 € will no longer pay this tax. This ceiling increases to € 43,000 per couple for couples and € 55,000 for couples with children. The exemption of the tax will take place in steps for the lucky people. Consult your local tax authority for more details and verification of your right to reduce your tax burden.