French Roman City of Nimes and Les Halles De Nimes


In the ancient Roman city of Nîmes there is an amazing covered market place called “Les Halles De Nîmes”

About 120 years ago the city of Nîmes decided to create a covered location for many single shops to coexist in one place.

Before then shops were scattered throughout the city and rumor has it the city government wanted to consolidate all these shops in one place so it was easier to tax the store owners as they would all be active under one roof.

The project was launched and the Halles of Nîmes were built in less than one year and opened in 1884.

Overtime there have been changes, yet, today you will still experience what is like a large gathering of unique small shops all in one place. You will find numerous fruit and vegetable shops, French bakeries and even a Corsican specialty store as show in the photo. I enjoyed this experience.

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