French Real Estate When do I get my title deed to my French property?

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Did you wonder when you will receive the title deed to your French property?

When you buy French real estate you will leave the French notary’s office with the keys to you new home but not the official title deed. Why?

Most people do not know that after the final signing of the documents with the notary the notary still has a lot of work to do on your file including making sure the registration of your new ownership takes place in the land registry. Yes, the notary has done a lot of work before the final signing but he or she continues to work often several more months on your file before you title is received back all up to date.

You will however receive documents before you leave the notary’s office that act as a temporary proof of ownership you can use to get utilities such as water, gas etc.

Follow this link to more details about what needs to happen before you get the official title