French Real Estate Television Another way to learn French

French real estate and French language – a nice mix.

One way to start to learn a French is to find something you have interest in and use this as a doorway to studying the language. Do we hear you say ‘French real estate’?

If this is a yes we hear we have posted below a list of French real estate shows that will give you the opportunity to listen to French language and learn about French real estate. Quelle Chance!

Below the videos we have two bonus tips so make sure you check them out!

Okay, now to the French real estate shows:

Maison à vendre Sur M6


La Maison France 5


La Box Téva Déco

Bonus tip: to help you learn French daily we recommend you check out the most popular language learning app that is free for you to use on your laptop, desktop or smart phone. It is Duolingo check it out Our founder David Hennessey is a big fan of this application.

Second Bonus tip: We also recently wrote an article on 10 Basic Language Terms for TV and Radio check it out now

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