French Real Estate Sellers Know your Obligations


The Seller of French real estate has obligations to inform the buyer.

Perhaps, you have already visited a French property with a French real estate agent or directly with the owner and you had questions and you did not receive answers to the questions because you were told ‘I don’t know’ by the person you did the visit with. Yet you wonder do you have the right to know the answers.

In fact, according to the Notary of France website the French property seller has the obligation to inform the buyer.­ To quote the notary site “an obligation is a Legal relationship created by operation of law or by the will of one or several individuals committing themselves for the purpose of doing or not doing an action.”

In general, the seller must disclose all the information he has about the real estate. It is important to know the courts punish any failure by the seller to meet this general obligation.

We highly recommend you read the linked to details on the Notary of France Website and consult directly a notary for guidance. Follow this link