French Real Estate Sellers Come Clean and Sell Easier


When you are selling your French real estate here are a few places you may not remember to clean but potential buyers will notice.

Inside Light Fixtures
Many times we clean the outside of light fixtures but we do not look inside a light fixture or shade unless a bulb blows and yet inside the shade you will often find dirty bulbs that do not give off good light to show the best of your home. Clean the fixtures completely and safely.

The Body of the Toilet
Many people will clean the toilet seat or the tank top or both during their weekly cleaning, however, they do not always clean the base of the toilet or behind the seat which can get really dirty and smelly.
Take the time to clean and sparkle all the toilet body. Visitors will be impressed.

Electrical Items
Televisions, computers, printers, music speakers are all very good at collecting dust and do not enhance the presentation of your French real estate.
Take the time to make these items sparkle. You will enjoy the benefit too until your homes is sold.

Stoves and Fridges
These heavily used items often become the holder of dirt and grease in a French home. Make sure you clean off the stove top plus the sides and the walls beside the stove. In addition, clean on top and inside the fridge so visitors even if they are not going to buy your appliances can see you take care of your home.

These are simple yet important tips. Go deeper and learn 50 more tips that can help you maximize the sale price of your French property. Learn about the 50 Tips for French property sellers here.