French Real Estate Owners: Last Minute Movers

Do French property owners plan ahead for a move?

A recent study published on February 17th 2015 by l’Observatoire du déménagement des Artisans déménageurs shows that there is an increasing trend for French property owners to wait till the ‘last minute’ to arrange their move from one property to another with the help of a professional mover.

21 percent of French real estate moving applications are taking place with 15 days before the intended move. Another 22 percent of moving applications are being made between the last 15 and 30 days before the intended move.

The growth and ease of getting estimates online has make it easier for people to apply for an estimate of the cost of moving.

The apparent reason why people are waiting till the last few days is the belief they will save money since moving companies will be not busy and offer a discount to attract the client. 

Unfortunately, the belief is often found out to be false and no savings are made.

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