French Real Estate Mortgage Rates Where are they the cheapest? Now

According to a new report by French real estate provider of credit Meilleurtaux the interest rate you pay for credit can be lower depending on the area in France you wish to buy in.

Meilleurtaux noted in the report that in Paris it can be possible to get a 20 year mortgage for as low as 2.15 percent. Toulouse is on the average 2.25 percent for a 20 year mortgage, the same for Bordeaux. Lyon is 2.3 percent for a 20 year mortgage.

This rates relate to credit offered to the best clients in the month of November 2014.

According to this same report referred to in Explorimmo the best client portfolios can get on average 2.30 for a 20 year mortgage and the ‘standard’ client applications can get on average 2.65 percent for a 20 year mortgage.

For full details and clarification on the difference between the ‘best’ and ‘standard’ clients it is best you speak to your English speaking French Bank manager or French mortgage broker. If you would like guidance to find an English speaking French mortgage broker please contact us here. We have contacts for you.

If you read French the full article is here.