French Real Estate Market Activity Quick Overview

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The French real estate market is active again depending on where you look.

The Paris market has started to pick up since the beginning of 2015 according to this article in Explorimmo (French). Many buyers are convinced the market has hit its lowest prices so the first time buyers have entered the market again.

The second biggest town in France has seen a drop in prices which appears to have activated the market just like in Paris.

The creation of a new high speed train line between Bordeaux and Paris appears to have impacted values in Bordeaux as it is one of the few places in France where the prices are increasing.

Over the last 6 months according to the same report in Explorimmo the number of transactions that have take place in Toulouse has increased by 9 percent.

According to local agents, Nice has regained its active market. Some agencies are claiming an increase in activity of 20 percent compared to last year number of sales.

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