French Real Estate Loan Mortgage Rate Comparison 2008 and 2013

Many French property buyers do not see current mortgage interest rates as still low and attractive, yet they are, according to an article in Explorimmo. Rates can be seen clearly as attractive when you compare to 2008.

For example, in 2008 a 20 year fixed rate mortgage was over 5 percent, in January 2012 the same mortgage was at just over 4 percent and today (october 2013) the rate is just over 3.5 percent.

This translates into in to the possibility of buyers saving thousands of euros during the life of their mortgage when they buy now compared to last year when prices were higher and mortgage rates where higher.

Learn specific details about how much you can save on the cost of a French mortgage now compared to last year by contacting your personal banker.

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The original article in French is here