French Real Estate Lies

english speaking french real estate agent

French real estate lies or hiding information, avoid them:

You need to trust your French real estate agent because he or she is responsible to help you make sure you sell your property in an effective and indeed, legal manner.

The agent also needs to trust you.

We recently received an email containing a ‘real estate  sales’ guidance brochure from a French real estate agency and we were shocked that in the brochure there was the following note “sellers, if you live in a busy area, you should inform the agent when would be quietest to help the agent avoid busy rush hour traffic during visiting time”. This action by the seller to hide something negative about an area around a home (heavy rush hour traffic) that could make the buyer want to cancel a purchase when they find out is not recommended. An agent helping the seller hide information from a buyer is also not good.

It is best to be honest to a buyer so they do not find a reason to not proceed with the sale.

If the street is busy some buyers actually do not mind, they like activity. You will find the right buyer once you have an agent who is working to find you the right buyer.


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