French Real Estate: Is this property really a good purchase?


French Property: Is this property really a good purchase?

Sometimes when you find a French property for sale and it appears to be a good purchase it may actually be simply a money pit or a poor quality purchase.

Here are red flags (and more exist) that suggest you need to check out the French property more before you sign any papers:

The owner needs the money
If while you are visiting a French property the owner says they are selling since they really need the money this could be a warning. Normally an owner never tells you they need the money and if they do they could be looking for a quick sale since there is a problem with the property.

The owner is leaving the country
If the French property owner tells you they need to sell quick because they are leaving the country this is also a warning. This means that if there are any problems with the property and you have a legal right to go back to the owner for compensation but the owner has left the country you have bought a problem.

The owner refuses to let you have the property inspected
Another big warning sign, why would an owner not want you to know all the details of the property? Do not walk, run away from the home!

The owner does not answer questions clearly
You are unsure about the neighbourhood and the owner does not directly answer questions about neighbours and does not want you to disturb them. This suggests again there may be a problem you need to know about.

The owner does not want you to visit
If the owner somehow is not available for additional visits to the property particularly the day or days just before you sign the contract / compromis at the notary’s office be concerned.

The owner is not French and just bought the property
If the owner is not French and just bought the property but wants to sell it quickly you need to ask questions to make sure you are not buying someone’s else bad experience.

Good Advice:

Talk to Neighbours

Check with the city hall about building permits and work that can impact the property

Get a professional inspection

Do multiple visits at different times of the day

Study the contents in our buyer’s guide that has 110 tips to help you make the right decision.

We highly recommend you learn as much as you can about French real estate before you even start looking at French real estate. A good starting point is review the 700 plus articles on this site or if you need to save time you can check out our 110 Tip French Real Estate Buyer’s Guide.