French Real Estate Investors: How to Reduce your Taxes

If you have invested in French real estate for rental income, according to this article in Le Monde certain expenses can be used to help reduce the tax burden you experience.

Please note you need to speak to a French tax advisor to be sure all this information is current and still possible.

What French real estate expenses can be deducted:

According to Christine Valence-Sourdille, ingénieure patrimoniale chez BN you may be able to deduct :

Expenses related to the management of the French property (condominium fees, property taxes, insurance)

Expenses related to certain finance operations (fees, mortgage registration, insurance premium…)

Expenses related to the maintenance, repair and improvement, that is work used to keep the dwelling in good condition such repairing a roof, replacing the heating..

Before you use these guidelines make sure you contact an English speaking French tax advisor.

If you need assistance locating an English speaking French tax adviser ask us and we will do our best to assist you.

Read original article in French here