French Real Estate: Important Questions when choosing a moving or removal company in France

important notes when hiring a french moving company

You have just bought or sold your French property and you need a moving company now there are a number of important factors you need to cover before the moving day. Read on below.

Number one


Make sure your contract with the moving company has a clear price that will not change due to a surprising extra need on moving day. Yes, read the small print on the contract. If the contract is in French have a native French friend help you understand exactly what is in the contract or better still get legal advice from a qualified adviser, you have valuable items that are being moved!


Number Two


The contract should state exactly where your items are being picked up and delivered to. This means the exact address of the French property not the nearest town or delivery location. Inaccurate description of the location can mean the moving company may ask for more money on the day to get your items to where you thought you originally paid for them to go to. Don’t listen to us, check things our in your agreement / contract.


Number Three


The contract needs to show the exact date of departure and arrival so you avoid any delays that can lead to extra billing. This will require you to have easy phone access with the company. If you find the company is difficult to reach while booking the services you may wish to change companies before a big problem arrives later and you cannot contact the company. It makes sense to avoid companies with only online email access and no phone access.


Number Four


Make sure that you have read and understand the insurance policy of the moving company or have your own insurance that you know and understand in place. Take no chances, items can disappear or be broken.


Number Five

Temporary Storage

If the moving company has to store your items due to a weather or a traffic problem or another unknown event make sure you know ahead of time in the contract who pays for this storage.


Number Six


Make sure you have your items properly packed by yourself or professionals to make sure they are not damaged on route.


Number Seven


Ask for references from prior customers and for the customers contact information so you can speak with past clients to verify if the service is really what is advertised.


Number Eight

Time of Move

Many people choose to move during the summer or on weekends this leads to competition for services and often an increase in prices from moving companies. If you can, plan your move outside peak periods and ask for a discount rate.

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