French Real Estate Helpful Home Repair



France is a wonderful place to own real estate.

But like any real estate it needs to be maintained.

One of the team noticed an article on another website offering home maintenance tips and we are sharing one below that could be of value to French property owners.

French water issues:

In France depending on where you live you may have water that is high in calcium and this calcium can build up in your pipes and even in your shower head so that the shower head loses over time its ability to spray.

HouseLogic offer a tip:

Fill a medium-sized freezer bag half full with white vinegar and place the shower head inside the solution. Attach with a rubber band the shower head to the bag and making sure the head is soaking in the solution. Leave the shower head in the vinegar over night.

In the morning run the shower head to get the vinegar out and hopefully you will enjoy more water spray! For more details visit the HouseLogic site here includes more tips.