French Real Estate Cooling off Period May Change with Loi Macron

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French Real Estate Law seems always to be changing.

Case in point: proposed changes that impact real estate are included in the Loi Macron (this is the law – loi – proposed by the French minister Emmanuel Macron).

Changes to the Cooling off Period (le délai de rétractation): 

Currently when you buy pre-owned French residential real estate as an individual (not as a professional) you have a 7 day cooling off period. See the explanation here

One of the new ideas in the Loi Macron is to extend this cooling period / le délai de rétractation to be now 10 days.

The reason we are not sure perhaps it will give buyers more time to have their notary review documentation.

Perhaps, it will make more sellers more hesitant to accept offers since sellers at this time do not have a cooling off period. There home is essentially off the market while the buyer decides if he or she wishes to proceed with their purchase.

Just be sure than when the time comes for you to buy or sell French real estate you know if this new rule has become law so you know how it impacts you.