French real estate buyer’s agent? Can you have a buyer’s agent in France?

In France most people who want to buy a property with an agent, work directly with the agent of the seller. The agent is under contract to the seller. The agent is paid by the seller. If you are buying a property with the assistance of the agent of the seller did you ever ask yourself?

“Is the agent working to negotiate on my behalf?”

“Will the agent tell the seller that I can afford to pay more?”

“Will the agent disclose to me negative aspects of the purchase of the property?

Will the agent work to help me understand the purchasing process?

In some countries like the USA you will find exclusive buyer’s agents who have an undivided loyalty to their principal the buyer.

In BC Canada agents who are working with both the buyer and the seller have to disclose in writing that they are limited in their service to their clients who are buying since they are working for both parties.

Sometimes the agent who is the ‘listing agent’ will ask for a different agent to work with the buyer so there is a reduced conflict of interest, even if the ‘listing agent’ has reduced financial compensation. This is to avoid a legal conflict of interest.

Maybe you think you are going to get a better deal working with the seller’s agent. Maybe you need to consider your options and even get legal advice just so you know where you stand.

We are not legal advisers we just want to bring these details to your attention. Seek legal advice as you wish.

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