French Real Estate Buyer Often Missed Area to Check One of Three

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When you are a French property buyer you are entitled to comprehensive list of diagnostic reports that your French notary will make sure the seller supplies to you.

The diagnostic reports are done by a specialist and the reports you receive depend on the type of French real estate you are buying and where it is located.

This article is written in 2017 and one of the items currently not studied in the diagnostic reports is the condition of the roof of the property of a single family dwelling.

The roof if it needs work can be an expensive item to work on and yet you will not find details in the reports about the condition of the roof.

Even if you are buying an apartment you would want to know from the company that manages the building the condition of the roof so as you don’t have to be involved in a new replacement or repair bill you knew nothing about.

The solution is to hire a professional roofer to check the condition of the your future roof and to the get roofer to put their analysis and / or estimate for repairs in writing so you have a record.

If there are problems with the roof on your single family home address this as part of your price negotiation.

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