French Real Estate Agents New Law for Control of Activities

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French Real Estate Agents New Law for Control of Activities

French real estate agents often have a poor reputation with clients and a new law that is planned to come into effect by the end of 2016 hopes to put an end to this.

The new law provides for the establishment of a control board that can penalize French real estate agents who make a mistake in their real estate service.

The new law once in place will specify the modalities, terms of appointment of members and organization of the commission and perhaps other details we are not yet aware of.

The long term goal, like in other countries that have similar commissions, is to remove inappropriate conduct from the French real estate industry and only leave behind the true professionals.

Worth noting: We sense you must make sure you are working with a registered French real estate professional to have the possibility to make a complaint about conduct. If you are working with someone who is an unregistered person helping you with your real estate project we sense you may have no comeback.

Do your research and choose wisely.

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