French Real Estate Agency Fees Changed

Calculation of how French real estate agencies charge their rental clients has been changed.

As of September 15th 2014 the calculation of the French real estate agency fee for the assistance in the rental of a French property is now based on the living space of the French property and not on the rent.

The Loi Alur has ended this previous use of using the monthly rent for the agencies to determine their fee.

In a recent Survey in France by Opinionway 90 percent of French people said the French rental agencies fees where too high.

Now agencies can only charge for the following services:

The drafting of the lease
Compiling the file
The organization of the visits
The inventory of the property

According to an article in Explorimmo (written in French), the first three services are capped in three areas:

Paris and its suburbs, with 12 euros TTC m²
28 largest cities of France with 10 euros TTC m²
The rest of the territory, with 8 euros TTC per m²

In addition there are 3 euros per square meter for the completion of the inventory.

CLCV (the French consumer protection association) said according to its calculation this will make a significant difference for Parisians and their region.

However, in some areas in France where the rent is lower the cost of the agency fees may be increased

Important: Please verify these above details prior to renting a French property, we are not experts in renting and we are simply sharing this information for educational purposes.

We recommend you contact a local English speaking notary for advice via this link