French Property Sellers: Mistakes to Avoid Number One

english speaking French real estate agents

You are selling your French property and you are working on choosing an agent. Here are some guidelines to assist you so you pick the best English speaking French real estate agent to serve you and avoid the big mistake of choosing the wrong agent for you:

Ask the agent to show you examples of the marketing they will do compared to other agents. Ask them to demonstrate what they do better.

Ask the agent to tell you how they will represent you and your home when a visit is done with another agent. Are they really working for you and showing the value of the property or do they just want to make a sale at any cost to you?

Ask the agent how much private information about your situation that can impact your ability to maximize your sale price does he or she disclose to a buyer who contacts them directly

Ask the agent why you should pay them commission.

Ask the agent how quickly do they work with other agents from other agencies?

For example, do they market to other agents in their network immediately after they get the mandat with a willingness to share commission or do they wait till they can’t find a buyer in their own database.

You want to make sure the agent is working to getting you the maximum market exposure.

Ask the agent what recommendations does the agent have to help you effectively prepare your home for sale? The agent is working with buyers all the time and should know what turns ‘on’ or turns ‘off’ a buyer interest.

Ask the agent are they fluent in French as well as English so they can interact potentially with the maximum number of agents and potential property buyers.

If you are looking for more guidance on how to choose the right English speaking French real estate agent contact us. Yes we are in the industry and we want you to get the best service possible.