French Property Prices: Prices stable while number of Sales Declines

French Real Estate Update in English

July 2013, If you need to sell your French property and you cannot wait now may be a good time to sell since Credit Foncier estimates that prices will decline between 3 and 8 percent depending on the location of your property in the coming months.

Credit Foncier says the market has frozen despite historically low lending rates. Since the economy is slow households are cautious about investing. Buyers wait for lower prices to appear and sellers fear they cannot sell but the only way to sell is to price correctly for the current market. Many sellers are resisting the need to price at market value so no sale happens.

Overall, prices are more stable in built up areas and declining more in more rural areas. However, the number of sales is still declining.

Credit Foncier expects the trend to continue in terms of the falling number of real estate sales.  Details selected from this original article in French.


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