French Property Move 15 Tips to Make the Move Less Stressful

If you are moving in France or to France here are some of the best tips we have:

Make a Detailed List
When you are moving to France or to a new home in France it makes a lot of sense to create a list for all the items you put in each box. Then stick the list to the box and keep a copy of the list on your computer or phone. You can also put a number on the box and put this number on the list, just in case someone tears the list off the box during the move.

Remember to be detailed rather than just noting ‘books’ on the box state what type of book or even more specifically ‘French school books belonging to John’.

The value of the list is that when you move there are certain items more important than others so you need to know exactly where they are.

Get Excess Packing Materials
When you are moving to you typically need more boxes and wrapping materials than anticipated so make sure you get more than you need when you prepare for the move. Also make sure you have plenty of tape and rope to seal the boxes. You can order inexpensively here in USA here in UK here in France

Pay Attention to the Weight
You and your friends and the movers may be strong but if the boxes are too heavy they may break under the weight or they may be too difficult to move on arrival when less strong people try to move them. Make sure the boxes are moveable by the less strong in the family.

Organize Your Clothes
You may have all your clothes at home in the same wardrobe or closet but when you arrive in your new home certain clothes will be more a priority than others so make sure they are accessible and clearly noted on the box. For example, if you need particular clothes for work keep them aside.

Create a Color Coded Map
Draw a plan of your new home and color code each room on the map so that when the movers or your helps arrive they can look at the map and know in exactly which room the boxes need to go. Make sure of course there is a piece of color paper on the door of the room that matches with the map to made things go smoothly.

Bonus: the color coding idea works across different languages if you have a multicultural group of helpers.

Keep Things Together
When you pack Lamps pack with bulbs, when you pack the computer pack along with it cables, the printer etc find ways to make sure that when you go to look for items they are organized in a way you can find the complementary item easily. If need be use window envelopes or clear plastic bags to store small items so you know what they are.

Tools and Garden Items
If you have a lot of tools and you do not have a mobile tool box this may be the ideal time to invest in one that you can simply roll into the moving truck, if you have garden tools these need to be keep together and sharp items need to have corks, for example, to help avoid injury to movers during the move.

If you have plants to move you may need to make special arrangements so you can bring them to your new location. Check with a local gardening store to see if you can move the plants you want to your new location, perhaps the climate may kill them or even the long journey.

Sell Some Stuff
As you pack it is an ideal time to consider do you need to keep the old bicycle at the back of the garage you have not used for years, you could give it away to a charity or sell it in a number of way or give it to a neighbour. This rule can easily be applied to many items simply ask yourself when is the last time I used this item, if it is over a year perhaps it is time to get rid of it.

Evaluate the Value
Sometimes when you are moving you may decide it is less expensive to sell an item and move it, perhaps and perhaps not. Do research online ahead of time.

Last Minute Items
The items you need to pack last are to be the items you do not need right away, winter clothes can be packed away in the summer and vice versa, if you have several computers you can pack all but one for the last few days. This will help reduce the stress of the last few days of packing.

Cleaning Machines and Materials
If you are going to be cleaning up your property before you leave makes sure you have these materials available and make sure you have enough to do the work. Also make sure you have cleaning clothes and the machines (like a vacuum) you may need to clean available. You will also want to make these materials available for cleaning of your new home. Extra gloves and perhaps a bag of dust masks will be beneficial. Buy less expensively here in USA here in UK here in France

Remember to Use Your Suitcases and Sports Bags
No need to carry bags empty. Put the appropriate items in your suitcases and sport bags, perhaps, sports equipment in the sports bag.

Carry Valuable Papers
Avoid packing valuable papers like passports and other documents in with your files and into the back of the moving truck. If something happens on the route with the moving truck or your vehicle you want to minimize the negative impact. Also make sure you carry with you your list of all the items that are packed this is very useful if you have to make an insurance claim. Remember to have insurance for the move.

Personal Boxes
You may wish to have certain items you and other family members need right away packed in color coded boxes, coded for the individual so that each person knows right away where his or her personal stuff is.

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