French property market report Number 24 by French Notaries

Curious about the French property market conditions?

As a French property seller or buyer you will be curious to hear (and read) what the French notaries have to say about the conditions of the market place.

If you are a reader of our French property newsletter you would already know about this report but just in case you have not joined our community here it is direct from the Notaries of France and in English too!

Click the following link  French property market report / N°24

The unfortunate thing about this report is that it was only issued last month and it covers only up till the end of 2013.

Requests for more up to date information are being constantly made by French property buyers and sellers and you can read about this here.

If you want right up to date information we recommend you interrogate an local English speaking French real estate agent today. We can help you contact one today click here.