French Property Hazards to Check For when you are Buying

French Property Hazards

When you buy a French property it is important that you consider the impact of natural hazards related to the property you are buying. For example, make sure you check the potential of flooding (called inondations in French), the danger of landslides, the danger of fire if you will be living close to a forest, and also the danger of power outages, if you will buy a property in a rural area, to name just a few.

To check if there is a possibility of flooding and other natural hazards you can start your research by asking the owner for the diagnostics relating to hazards for the property since they will indicate the different zones of danger.

It is very important to see these diagnostics before you sign any agreement to purchase a French property. If you are not sure what documents to look and you don’t speak French we can put you in touch with an English speaking French real estate agent or English speaking French notary to assist you. This service we offer free of charge. Contact us here.


We also recommend you consider investing in devices like the following champion equipment to help you deal with electrical power outages or devices like this to simply reduce the cost of electricity which is general more expensive in Europe that North America. Please make sure any machine or device is usable in your area before making a purchase.