French Property Fire Safety Preparedness 5 Tips

If you live in France particularly in the south close to wooded area and there is potential for fire due to the high temperatures in the south of France it is an excellent idea to plan how you will respond to a fire.

Here are a few suggestions also seek additional guidance from local French authorities


Plan two exit routes from your French house or apartment and make sure you have a meeting point for family members.



French properties don’t always have smoke and fire detectors so make sure you install Smoke and Fire Alarms like these on every floor. (NOTE: make sure the smoke and fire alarms are designed for your French property)  If the power should go out during a fire you may be better off having smoke detectors that are battery powered just make sure you check the power of the batteries on a regular basis, ideally monthly. Then change the batteries every time the clock changes with daylight savings time.



When there is smoke remember to get low and move.



Practice you escape plan each time you change the batteries on your smoke detectors



Consider buying a Emergency Escape Mask like this in case of the outbreak of a fire.

Note: Be prepared do more research for fire safety and get equipped. We are not experts but we want you to be!