French Property details in English about Fosse Septique septic field

When you buy a French property at this time the seller is legally obliged to provide a formal report on the condition of their private drainage facilities (fosse septique / septic field) and this report must be by the local inspecting body.

Note: Rules change a lot in France to be up to date on rules visit and contact your English speaking notary

At this time the report must be no more than three years old when the sale is completed.

Note: this is no more than 3 years from the day the sale is completed not the day of your offer so be aware of all the timing.

What is in the report?

The Fosse Septique (Septic field) report shows in detail a plan of the field and how it has been set up. It should also include details of its maintenance.

Results from a study can be anywhere from the field conforms, the field needs works, the field does not conform, the field does not exist and in the worst case there is a health risk or environmental risk.

At this time when a property is sold and the seller is selling a property with a fosse septic that is not conforming the new owner has one year to do the necessary work. This work can be very expensive. Consult you notary for advice.

Best advice for Sellers: once you have decided to sell your property get the fosse septic inspected and get it to the required standard.

Note: some older properties have a fosse septic that has an area for the contents to soak into the ground but this is no longer permitted. You will need to have a filtration system installed. You can receive guidance from the local inspector. To make sure you can sell your property and get the maximum price take action as soon as possible.

Best advice for Buyers: ask the seller for the report and if there is not a report or bad news about the condition of the fosse septic you have to decide do you want the seller to do the work or do you want to do the work yourself after a price reduction. Make sure you get advice and budget accordingly.

If you have questions make sure you contact your English speaking notary and the local inspection services to avoid any costly surprises.