French Notaries Report February 2014 French Property Price Changes

French Notaries delivered their report on the complete French real estate market conditions for 2013 last week.

The French Notary’s makes several important observations:

Prices of old as against new French dwellings decreased 1.4 percent overall on a national level.

Sharp corrections did not take place in cities with over 150 000 inhabitants

There were 723 000 real estate transactions registered in France in 2013 that is more than 2012 where there was a total of 704 000 French real estate transaction but still considerably lower than the record of 829 000 in 2005.

The Notaries state that the majority of the sales where of low priced properties.

The increase in sales is said to have been stimulated by the historically low French property interest rates.

Among a lot of comparisons of data the Notaries show the difference in cost of properties between areas. For example a 2 bedroom apartment in Cannes on the French Riviera cost the same price as a 5 bedroom house in Toulouse.

The Notaries do not see a collapse in prices, some see a stable market, others see a slow decline in prices.

Buyers continue to buy cautiously and are not willing to pay any price for a French property.

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