French Notaries Confirm French Property Price Drops

In France, unlike the real estate systems in US and Canada where real estate agents have access to sale prices, in France it is typically French notaries who have the access to the most reliable sales data, the prices on the contracts.

So when notaries speak about market trends you can believe they are using real French real estate data from actual sales.

The news, according to French notaries in a report released October 9 2013 the trend is towards lower prices in France.

Transactions are down a total of 13 percent year over year with a slight increase since March this year.

Notaries say the market will rebound when there is more consumer confidence due to a better economic climate and increased employment plus other factors like pending laws on property rights so in general, the future is still not clear.

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If you would like to read the source of this article it is in French and located here

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