French New Property Sales Going Up or Going Down?

New French real estate construction is a hot topic for developers. This year 2014 real estate developers anticipate again that sales will go down another ten to twelve percent, according to Francois Payelle, president of the FPI (French federation of real estate developers).

That is a total of 65 000 to 75 000 sales this year, the lowest level since 1995.

What is interesting is that the number of new french property sales is going down even with a growing French population. It appears there is a reduced interest in new property purchases and the developers are suffering to get sales.

The solution will be to reduce prices.

You can take advantage of this challenge for new French real estate developers by investing in a purchase of a new French real estate right now.

The advantage is that you can negotiate on your deal, you get a property that is all up to date and with little likelihood you will have to pay for building work for quite a while.

In addition, in general new construction offers you low monthly charges, parking included and is attractive to renters.

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